The Accidental Homeowner

I bought my house in May 2001.  Since graduating from college, I’d been living with a roommate, her two cats, and my cat for two years and was ready to move on.  However, finding an affordable apartment that would also allow a cat was proving to be a challenge.  Probably not the best way to become a homeowner, but it was much easier to find a small house I could afford and take my cat with me, rather than give him up.

After much searching, I found a townhouse in a suburb not far from where I grew up. It had 3 bedrooms, an attached garage, a washer and dryer, as well as central a/c.  It was everything I wanted.  Things moved quickly and we closed within a couple months.

My brother moved in to help me fix it up, since the previous homeowners did little to maintain the house and certainly did their share of damage.  We did a lot of work during that time – replacing closet doors, installing new carpeting, a bathroom remodel, new windows, all new appliances.  In all, he lived with me for 7 years, which helped greatly to cover these costs and finally turn it in the house I always wanted but couldn’t originally afford.

The house is a continuous work in progress.  Most recently, I remodeled the kitchen and replaced the furnace and a/c. There’s still so much that could be done but I’ve finally learned to pace myself. Someday I’ll get around to replacing the patio door and the kitchen light fixtures, as long as the appliances don’t die on me in the meantime.

Being a homeowner certainly comes with its challenges.  Even so, I’m happy and fortunate to have a place to call my own. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve thought about throwing in the towel and going back to renting an apartment. But it’s been a great learning experience and I feel a true sense of pride to see how it’s transformed over the years. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this accidental homeowner!