Smoothies – Yum!

I love smoothies. Who doesn’t?  So here it is, my favorite smoothie recipe.

I use a personal blender, which can be purchased at Target, Best Buy, or Amazon for around $15. And to keep it healthy and as low calorie as possible, I omit any kind of dairy.

The first ingredient is water, to help it blend a little easier. Then I add pineapple (crushed is my preference but any kind will do) and mandarin oranges.  Next is the secret ingredient – baby spinach. On top of that is frozen mixed berries and a banana.  To make it a creamier texture, use a frozen sliced banana.

smoothie before

As a side note, any kind of berries makes this taste great. Use whatever kind you like.

Put the top on and blend until it’s ready.  Delicious!

smoothie after