What I Deserve

We’ve all been there.

“This day/week/month has been crazy busy and I’ve worked so hard.  I deserve this.”

Just about everyone has said that to themselves at some point to justify a purchase. It could be coffee, sweets, a new gadget, or whatever lifts your mood (albeit temporarily). But the fact that we need justification for buying something is the first sign that something isn’t right.  We clearly know that what we’re doing is counterproductive to our goals but we rationalize it anyway.

Money is emotional. To really get to the root of our spending, we have to understand the emotions behind it. How does this purchase make me feel? Why do I want to buy this? How does that feeling compare to the feeling of saving money instead?

Whenever I catch myself thinking “I deserve this” when contemplating a purchase, I quickly replace that thought with this mantra instead: I deserve financial freedom.

I don’t deserve items that will be forgotten or useless within a few months.  I don’t deserve the additional calories that my beloved soy chai latte brings with it. And I certainly don’t deserve the money I’ve worked so hard for to quickly pass through my fingers.

What I do deserve is the freedom that comes with knowing that my finances are secure and that I’m setting myself up for options in the future. I deserve to know that the good choices I’ve made continue to set me up for success and the ability to live the kind of life I want: One that is thoughtful and deliberate.

What do you deserve?