Wasp Invasion – Part II

Rocky finally noticed the wasp nest.  And instead of leaving it alone, he just had to get closer. Luckily I shooed him away from it before he got hurt.  To keep him safe, I closed the storage unit and moved it to a corner of the balcony.

Being the curious cat that he is, he just couldn’t let it be. He’d get close to the container, and even jump on top of it, and I could hear the wasps start to swarm inside it.  To keep the cats safe, the container is now barricaded by other things, preventing him from getting too close.


Another large storm was forecasted to move through the area so I opened the container a few hours before it arrived.  It was really windy and there was strong rain for almost 3 hours so I was convinced that this would finally force the wasps to make home somewhere else.

I woke up in the morning and quickly checked the balcony.  The wasps had survived and were still busy building a nest in the storage unit.  Unbelievable. How is this possible?

I didn’t want it to come to this but they’ve given me no other choice.  I’m going to have to use wasp spray so I can remove the container from the balcony. It’s not in my nature to kill anything so doing this weighs heavily on me.

Early the next morning, I sprayed the nest and then let it sit for a couple days in case any wasps tried to return to it. After that, I tossed the container off the balcony and threw it in our association’s dumpster. Free at last!

Going forward, I’ll be much more careful about keeping anything out on the balcony that would attract wasps and allow them a safe place to make a nest. Had I known that this container wasn’t fully sealed, I wouldn’t have purchased it. Lesson learned.

The cats are much safer now and I can go out without worrying about getting stung. Hopefully the balcony will actually be used going forward.