Don’t Fear the Bear

The volatile stock market of late has many people worried about their investments.  I’m here to say don’t fear the bear market.  Is it scary to see your investments dive in just one day?  Yes.  But this is why you shouldn’t be looking at your account balances on a daily basis.

In fact, if you’re young and aren’t going to need that money for more than 10 years, a bear market is the best thing for your portfolio.  Why?  It’s gives you a chance to buy shares of stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs for much less than when the market was posting gains. Many investors view this as a flash sale for the stock market. This means you can buy more shares for the same amount of money and when the price of those shares goes up, you’ll see an added gain in your account balance.

Don’t let the unsettled stock market scare you. This is a great time to put more money into your investments if you’re able. Remember to stay the course and focus on the long term.  There’s plenty of time for another bull market to roll through, as it always does.