Lessons From My Cats

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Cats are great companions and we can learn a lot from them. Here are a few things they’ve taught me:

#1: Be skeptical.  My cats are cautious around new people or in new environments. They take their time to investigate before proceeding.  People should do the same. Always question anything new that you don’t understand.  Be wary of anyone who has something to gain financially in their interaction with you.

#2: Sleep on it.  Cats are well known for their napping.  If you have a big decision to make, sleep on it. Never make an impulsive decision.  If anyone ever pressures you to make a financial decision quickly, it’s likely because they know how much they have to gain and how much you have to lose.


#3: Toys are great, but not everything.  My cats have a lot of toys but only play with a few day after day.  Could the same be said about most of us?  How many times have we purchased something, thinking how great it would be, only to have it pushed aside for not living up to expectations? Unfortunately, we usually move on to the next toy and the cycle continues.

#4: Necessities are few.  Cats only need a few things to be healthy and content – food, water, clean litter boxes, and a comfy place to sleep. How much do we really need to be healthy and happy?  At some point, our possessions start to own us, as the work to care for them begins to outweigh the benefit they provide. Walk through your home and look at each item you own. Does it serve a specific purpose? Has it outlived its usefulness? If you no longer need it, consider selling or donating it.


#5: Play is important.  If I don’t play with my cats before bedtime, they’ll wake me up in the middle of the night. Play is important for people too, but as adults we often forget this. Try to fit in some time to do something you enjoy, even for just 15-30 minutes, to help recharge your batteries.

What have your pets taught you?  What other characteristics do they have that people could emulate?