Goodbye Candy Crush

I finally did it. I removed Candy Crush from my tablet and haven’t looked back. The breakup is official.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to come home from work, make and eat dinner, then pull out my tablet while watching tv at night. Candy Crush was an easy distraction, since it doesn’t take much time to go through my 5 tries. I always thought it was harmless, as addicting as it was. How wrong I’ve been.

Candy Crush is just that, a distraction. Not even slightly beneficial at that. While it didn’t take up much of my time, it absorbed my attention, allowing me to ignore the things that really do matter.

What am I doing with this reclaimed time? Giving my cats the attention they deserve since I’ve been at work all day. Turning off the TV and reading more books instead. Doing things around the house that I’ve pushed aside, with the excuse that they don’t take much time so I can always do them later.

Giving up small, worthless distractions like this allow me to be more present. We all owe it to ourselves to live our lives with purpose and in no way does Candy Crush allow me to live out my purpose.

What are you doing that takes you out of the present? What kind of distractions have filled your life but don’t align with your purpose and values?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Candy Crush

  1. I was Candy Crush-addicted a few years ago (though never to the point of spending any money on it; my frugal willpower is stronger than that!) I’ve also had many weeks where I’ve spent every evening playing some other mindless phone game. Like you said, it’s a distraction with near-zero alignment with my values and interests, but I feel like it’s a symptom of spending long, exhausting work days working on stressful projects that are also not aligned with my real interests, and then needing a brain-dead way to decompress from it all. I almost never pick up these phone games on the weekend or when I’m on vacation. I hope that removing some of the negative work elements from my life might reduce my desire to waste time on these sorts of things. If it doesn’t, I’ll at least feel less guilty about wasting my limited free time!

    1. I have no doubt that you’ll be far too busy for something like Candy Crush as you start traveling more. Can’t wait to read all about it 🙂

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