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Practicing Gratitude

Along the lines of a recent post about how an autoimmune disease changed my perspective, this week’s post is also very personal. There isn’t a financial aspect to this post but I hope you can still get something out of it. After all, life is a journey and it’s not all about money.

Although I don’t wear contacts or glasses on a regular basis, all my family members do. So every year, I have my eyes checked and I made my annual appointment for this past April. Not anticipating or being aware of any issues, I only had the eye pressure test done and opted out of the field vision exam.

When I saw the doctor, there were no issues regarding my vision — for the most part it hadn’t changed since last year. However, he told me that my eye pressure has been increasing each year and it’s now above the normal range. Since there’s a family history of glaucoma, I need to go back in 6 months to ensure it’s not getting worse.

I’ll admit that I tend to live life with a somewhat pessimistic attitude, viewing life as a sequence of inconveniences. So of course my first thought is how I’m going to have to deal with something so serious and I’m not even 40 years old yet.

Having recently read The Little Book of Contentment by Leo Babauta, I tried to look at this with a different perspective. Rather than being inconvenienced by this, I should be grateful that I have the means to get annual eye exams and the health of my eyes is being closely monitored. Because of that, I shouldn’t lose any vision if glaucoma should develop.

It’s still too early to determine if this will eventually become an issue and when that might be so I try to remind myself how fortunate I am that any problem will be caught early. I’m definitely one of the lucky ones. Not everyone can say that. The experience has a been a great reminder to live a life of gratitude.

How do you practice gratitude? Have you faced any challenges that changed your perspective?

As a side note, if you haven’t read The Little Book of Contentment, I highly recommend it. It’s a short read and definitely worth your time. It’s a book I’ll likely read over and over again.