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What’s Your Personality Type?

Last week, Business Insider published an article discussing how your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator influences your average pay. Intrigued? Take the quiz here if you don’t already know your type.

My results were: Introvert (50%), iNtuitive (9%), Thinking (22%), Judging (28%) = INTJ. In short, this means that I tend to be vision orientated, quietly innovative, insightful, conceptual, logical, seeking understanding, critical, decisive, independent, determined, and pursuing competence and improvement. Scary how accurate these tests are! I’d say it’s pretty well suited for my career in accounting.

So what does that mean for my earning potential? According to the chart, it looks pretty good. If only I was an ENTJ, though! They by far have the highest average pay, due to their extroverted nature.



I’d be interested to see these broken down into types of careers — I’d bet that there are people in accounting/finance making at least twice what they show for ENTJ, especially as they move up the corporate ladder. It would be fascinating to see how an ENTJ in that field compares to someone who is in a different profession.

How did you score on the quiz? Does the description match how you perceive yourself to be? How much weight do you put on the average pay chart?