Best Things About Turning 40

If you read my post last week, you know that I just turned 40 years old. Since I couldn’t figure out the best way to put my thoughts and feelings into just one post, I’ll be spreading those ideas out through the month. Today I want to talk about my favorite aspects around turning 40.

My absolute favorite is the ability to say what’s on my mind and have the experience to say it tactfully. I don’t know if other people experience this, but a few months before my birthday it was like a switch flipped. I suddenly didn’t care so much about what people thought and began to feel more open about expressing my ideas. That’s huge, considering how shy I’ve been my entire life. Not sure what the real driver is behind this, but I’ll happily go with it.

My second favorite thing is self-confidence in my appearance. We live in a culture that is brutal to women. We’re inundated with images of how we’re supposed to look and the products that can help us achieve just that. I’ve never had body image issues but I’ve always been very aware of how I look compared to everyone else — I’d be shocked if there’s a woman out there who feels differently. But seeing as I’ve had the same body type for as much of my life as I remember, I’m totally comfortable with that. Could I lose a few pounds? Sure. But would it really impact my life in a significant way?

Back in middle school and high school, I played tennis on the school team. One of my varsity teammates had a mom who was very involved with the team and everyone adored her. I have no idea how the topic came up but she said something I’ll never forget: She told us she will happily carry a few extra pounds if it means that she can eat what she wants, including dessert. That’s something I still think about and agree with today. Wise woman.

My third favorite part of turning 40 is all the things in life I’ve been able to experience. You can read about my favorites through this post. I’ve been able to travel, get a tattoo, buy a house, and let cats run my life. I’ve also had numerous work experiences. Although I’ve worked in accounting for my entire career, I’ve been able to work across various industries (e.g. advertising, retail, med tech, a university). Each one has been very unique.

But the best experiences are through my friendships. I’m still really close to some of my high school and college friends. The fact that our relationships have stood the test of time (not to mention out-of-state moves, marriages, and kids) makes me so happy. It gives me hope that we’ll be just as close in the future.

What’s your favorite thing about getting older?

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  1. My favorite thing about getting older is something you have discovered for yourself: valuing your own opinion more than the opinions of others.

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