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June 2017 Expenses

Can you believe it’s July already? Crazy to think the summer is almost half over already. I hope you’re staying cool and enjoying every sun-filled minute 🙂

June was a great month for me. I saw extended family to celebrate my great aunt’s 99th birthday, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (it was great!). We also celebrated Father’s Day with lunch at my parents’ house and I spent lots of time with friends to catch up on everything going on in our lives.

Financially, June was very kind to me. It’s about time after so many expensive months in 2017 so far. Here are the details:

Financial independence is really important to me and it’s currently my main financial goal. I’m trying to keep my monthly spending to $1,667. This is very reasonable, coming in at $20,000/year. I don’t include the cost of medical and dental insurance in my expenses, since this is largely subsidized by my employer.

I’m sharing my monthly expenses to illustrate that it’s not difficult to have a great life while spending far less than the household average. I’m fully aware that I’m able to do this because my mortgage is paid off and I don’t have a car loan or credit card debt. It was a long journey to get here and now I’m reaping the benefits.

Although I use Mint and Personal Capital to keep an eye on all my accounts, I use Excel to track my expenses. I’ve found that this works best for me, since I can easily compare months and see a running total for the year for each category.

If you have questions regarding how much I spend on groceries, my cell phone, etc., feel free to drop a note in the comments and I’ll happily provide those details. You can also check out my 2016 total spending by category here.

Here are my June expenses:

I spent $447 on fixed costs (e.g. association fee, utilities, insurance, etc.). It was only the second month this year without an annual or quarterly payment of some sort due. The rest of the year should be similar, outside my quarterly water bills. Yay!

I spent $868 on variable costs (e.g. food, gas, house supplies, gifts/donations, etc.). Pretty low and I worked extremely hard to spend this much. It includes $142 for cat expenses (insulin, food, etc), $48 for miscellaneous blog expenses, and $173 for gifts related to Father’s Day, a friend’s bridal shower, and a few cards. I’m also catching up on some reading so I bought paperback copies of The Girl On The Train and Big Little Lies (I’d recommend both).

In addition to those expenses, I decided to become a subscriber of Simplify. Since I signed up in June, the $20 cost covers a lifetime. I loved the first issue (which is free) and highly recommend you check it out.

I had $35 in MyBestBuy reward certificates (mainly from my fridge purchase) so I used it towards a blood pressure monitor. My blood pressure came in slightly high at my annual physical so this is a proactive measure. I don’t know how accurate the monitor is so for now I’m just using it to make sure there aren’t any big fluctuations. Yep, I’m officially old.

 Total spending for the month was $1,315. Spending for the year so far is $10,513. The average per month is $1,752, which is slightly over my goal of monthly spending of $1,667 or less.

Coming up next month: Looks like it’ll be quiet (and cheap). I have an annual girls night at a friend’s house, a bridal shower, and the Bubble Run. Also heading to a local farmer’s market with some friends. Isn’t summer great? 🙂

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

How did your June go? Any challenges?

4 thoughts on “June 2017 Expenses

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on a fun and financially kind June. 🙂 Blah, sorry about the blood pressure; hope everything is well there! My blood pressure always registers high at the doctor’s office because I’m terrified of doctors lol.

    June was a rough one for us, but I’m not too mad about it. We were over budget in a lot of categories, but we did come under budget on our Other expenses which … has never happened. Ever. I had to check our spreadsheet three times to make sure I didn’t miss something!
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…What A Frugal Weekend! July 2My Profile

    1. I’m scared of doctors too, and I’m guessing that was the problem since she did extra tests this year that I was nervous about (I’m fine – it’s all good!). But now that I’m in my 40s I have to take it all very seriously.

      That’s great that you came in under budget in Other and I look forward to reading your June recap to see what happened. Too many toys for your cat? 😉

  2. I admire how well you do with your expenses! We’re spending extra on Groovy Cat now – he’s very sick. One day at time. I’m buying Prescription Hills Science Diet a/d at the vet at over $2 a can but I don’t care. It’s like Kitty Crack and the only thing he’ll eat.

    Happy anniversary to your parents and happy birthday to your great Aunt!

    The blood pressure thing could be an anomaly but I’m glad you got the monitor. Even if it’s not totally precise, if you use it weekly the numbers will be relative.

    We saw Guardians 2 and enjoyed it a lot. Last night we watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation and it’s really difficult to reconcile how Chris Pratt looked on that show as compared to the films. Power to him for getting buff!
    Mrs. Groovy recently posted…If You Want To Be Happier, Create SomethingMy Profile

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