Mr. Money Mustache is well known for explaining early retirement, since he and his wife retired in their 30s. A great resource for anyone getting started in their ER journey. Be sure to read the post regarding the math behind early retirement and how to calculate how much you need.

Go Curry Cracker chronicles the travels of a couple who also retired early. This blog provides illustration into how the US tax code works, as shown by their posts that include their federal income tax returns. Great insight regarding how to use it to your advantage.

Root of Good details Justin and his family’s lifestyle and travels since he retired. I especially like his transparency regarding their finances and how they got there. Be sure to check out his posts regarding how to do a Roth conversion ladder and how to calculate your estimated SS payments.

MadFIentist is another great resource with helpful tax information.  This site explains why tax deferred accounts should be maxed out first, and how those funds can be converted to taxable accounts, tax free. He also has helpful information regarding HSAs.

Budgets Are Sexy not only provides numerous budgeting templates but also has lots of information regarding side hustles and various financial products.  Also of note is J. Money’s other website, Rockstar Finance.

Jim Collins has a great series on his blog dedicated to investments. Not sure where to start or how? This site will provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Below are the blogs I read on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a blog based on topic, location, or even the age of the blogger, be sure to check out Rockstar Finance’s Blog Directory. It’s an amazing resource.

1500 Days to Freedom
Freedom From Money
Freedom Is Groovy
Leisure Freak
Mr. Firestation
Mad Money Monster
Northern Expenditure
Our Next Life
Picky Pinchers
Resume Gap
Retirement Manifesto
Route to Retire
She Picks Up Pennies
Slowly Sipping Coffee
Think Save Retire
Two Cup House

Sites to help you save money:

The Simple Dollar
The Penny Hoarder
Wise Bread
Clark Howard

If you’re interested in minimalism, check out these sites for info and inspiration:

The Minimalists
Becoming Minimalist
Zen Habits

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