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Why I Keep a Food Diary

In January, I decided to start keeping a food diary. Was I worried about calories? No. I really don’t eat much so I know I hadn’t been overeating. What concerned me was the content of the food: sugar and sodium, specifically. These two things are in almost everything and I’d become worried about how much… Continue reading Why I Keep a Food Diary

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Practicing Gratitude

Along the lines of a recent post about how an autoimmune disease changed my perspective, this week’s post is also very personal. There isn’t a financial aspect to this post but I hope you can still get something out of it. After all, life is a journey and it’s not all about money. Although I… Continue reading Practicing Gratitude


How an Autoimmune Disease Changed My Perspective

Ten years ago, at the young age of 29, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. ¬†Graves’ Disease affects less than 3% of the population and occurs when the immune system attacks the thyroid. While it’s treatable, there’s no cure. It took almost 2.5 years and two treatments before I was on my way back… Continue reading How an Autoimmune Disease Changed My Perspective