Free Stuff!

It doesn’t get better than free!

Annual Credit Report This is the only website that should be used to pull your credit reports.  Available for free once a year, you can either pull all three at once or space them out over the year.  Each credit bureau will also offer your credit score for a fee, which is completely optional and can be declined.

Speaking of credit scores, many credit cards now include your credit score for free.  This is the case for my Discover and Capital One cards. Be sure to check your account online before paying for a (possibly) free service.

Overdrive is the best source for free e-content from the local library.  Also available in an app, I can download e-books, audio books, and even (limited) tv shows and movies.

My local library also grants access to numerous free services, including which contains lessons and tutorials in a variety of topics. Freegal allows me to download 5 MP3 music files each week, free with my library card.

The Clark Howard website has a long list of free and cheap items.

The Walker Art Center has Target Free Thursday Nights and Free First Saturdays, waiving the regular $14 admission fee for adults.

Looking for something to do this weekend in the Twin Cities? Check out the City Pages Freeloader Friday for lots of great options.

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